It all started in the summer of 2017, on our first van, we got a call for help.

In summer 2017 after a long day work, we got a call for help, from a woman who had 40 dollars on her bank account and needed to urgently leave an abusive relationship. She was clearly in distress and had been through a lot.

We knew at the moment what needed to be done — Hell it was a lot harder than just moving the furniture. As a removalist, you are actually in the front line. Dealing with the get-away and a rollercoaster of emotions.

That was an eye-opening moment for us. Since then, we have at least helped…

Context: Summer 2017, back in the day, when we first began our life as a removalist, we were driving a small Toyota Hiace Van (it’s like a goget van). We mostly did smallish jobs, like moving a fridge or a sofa.

The ‘Call’: After a finished day, when scrolling through job offers on Airtasker, we found a task for an extremely low amount. “2 bedroom apartment — Urgent move: $40”.

We very quickly realized it was a single mother, who was in high distress and needed help. She was running from DV.

The job/the help and challenges: It didn’t…

Jose B. - The Removal Brothers

Founder of The Removal Brothers (

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